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Ragdoll Breeder Devon, Ragdoll Kittens for sale - OsoChic Ragdolls - osochicragdolls.co.uk

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About OsoChic Ragdolls, Ragdoll Breeder in Devon

GCCF Breeder Scheme Member, Abiding by their Code of Ethic & Raising The Standard of Cat Breeding since 2014

With All 5⭐️ Reviews on Google, We Strongly Believe in our Methods of Raisin Kittens.

Available Ragdoll kittens for sale to approved loving homes.

OsoChic kittens are comical & loving regal rascals, that delight in being entertained, as much as being entertaining

OSOCHIC RAGDOLLS osochicragdolls.co.uk

 Ragdoll Breeder of Ragdoll Kittens in Devon. GCCF Breeder Scheme Member since 2014; Abiding by their Code of Ethics & Raising The Standard of Breeding.

About OsoChic Ragdolls, Ragdoll Breeder in Devon


OSOCHIC RAGDOLLS osochicragdolls.co.uk

With All 5⭐️ Reviews on Google, we Strongly Believe in our Method of Raising Kittens.

Hello, I'm Tamsin, owner of OsoChic, & all my beautiful Ragdoll cats. You've come to the right place to find stunning pedigree, registered, Ragdoll Kittens for sale, & to see fabulously beautiful Ragdoll Cats. Since the beginning of my Ragdoll journey nearly a decade ago, my aim has been to promote health, temperament, structural quality & type through thoughtful, selective breeding. My GCCF Prefix is OsoChic, (pronounced 'oh-so-sheek').

Having always had a deep affection & passion for all animals since childhood, rescuing, volunteering & supporting the nurturing & recovery of many animals, large & small, domesticated & wild, breeding Ragdoll Cats came quite naturally to me. Before, during and after my professional career as a Special Needs Facilitator in the public, private & charity sectors, my passion for animals & their welfare remained steadfast & constant. So, when family commitments allowed more available free time, it was a natural progression to use the numerous skills required in my caring/nursing career that were easily transferable. Added to that, a strong personal moral code, keenness to learn, & deep love of the Ragdoll breed, & voila, OsoChic Ragdolls was created.

 Our reviews are the best endorsement we're on the right track to becoming The Best Ragdoll Breeder I can.

Why value the widening of the Ragdoll gene pool?

The Ragdoll breed only came about in the 1960's, a very short amount of time in comparison to more established breeds. It is so important for creating 'adaptability' & 'survival'.  Charles Darwin in his Origin of Species had a lot to say on the subject & it is the bedrock of his theory; the survival of the fittest, & consequently evolution; to promote health, especially as the Ragdoll gene pool is so small due to its infancy. Establishing solid friendships with quality breeders worldwide, enabled me to import our Ragdoll fur family from different countries. Ensuring both a wide & diverse gene pool, as well as genetic integrity. Admittedly, this is an expensive theory to put into practice as the costs are huge, but ever since, we have been rewarded with healthy progeny.

A Responsible Ragdoll Breeder

Health testing & Genetic Screening is very important to us. For a full list of tests performed click here. In accordance with the GCCF code of practice 'if' we choose to breed, it is done so in accordance with their regulations. A queen is paired with a boy & placed in a room for a few days with supervision, after which she has free rein of the house again. She is given continued supportive monitoring & a stress free, quiet, hygienic, comfortable, familiar space. Kittens are raised in this environment until around 4 weeks of age, at which point they can explore the play room.  Introductions to the rest of our Ragdolls until after their first set of vaccinations at 9 weeks. This is so they have the opportunity to gain an adequate level of immunity. Kittens remain with us until around 13 weeks of age.


At OsoChic we believe it’s our Moral Values & integrity that makes OsoChic an Ethical Breeder.

 We are committed to being an ethical service provider; applying standards of behaviour & practice to our conduct. 

Any remuneration goes into supporting our love of this breed; providing our cats & their kittens with all they need for a full & enriched life through nutrition, quality, stimuli, holistic health, disease testing/prevention & health screening, inoculations, & exhibiting. We also support the Ragdoll welfare organisations caring for abandoned & elderly Ragdolls.

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