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OsoChic Ragdolls, Ragdoll Kitten Purchase Guide.

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Guidelines to Advise & Protect you when buying Pedigree Ragdoll Kittens. Ragdoll Kitten adoption Guide. osochicragdolls.co.uk

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Osochic Ragdolls Ragdoll Kitten Sales Guide 


 Guidelines to Advise & Protect you when purchasing a genuine pedigree Ragdoll Kitten.

What you should receive, expect, question & avoid! 

Please do your research before choosing your Ragdoll kitten

Find a reputable, ethical, registered breeder. One that operates from a suitable, hygienic, homely location & offers a full history of health tests, pedigree paperwork & vaccinations records.

A good breeder will always ask questions about you, your home & the environment their kitty will potentially be going to; this is because we want the best for them, to increase the chances of experiences being positive for them & you going forward,

No kitten should leave a breeder;  

1: Without a registration certificate & pedigree papers, 2: Without receiving their 1st & 2nd primary vaccinations).  3: Until one week AFTER their 2nd vaccinations.  4: Before receiving preventative treatment against internal & external parasites  5: Without proof both parents have been tested for disease.  Or 6: Before investigating the breeders legitimacy. 

⭐️  Do not buy a kitten without pedigree papers; even registered breeders are not allowed to do this. 

⭐️  Unregistered means the kitten is basically a moggy! Breeding unregistered Ragdolls, without knowing their lineage or genetic health is very risky, making disease possible, if not probable.

⭐️  A responsible Registered breeder tests for disease; (breed prone, hereditary & contagious). No history on 2 breeding cats means the risk of disease is hugely inceased. It's not the same as breeding moggies, that have been established since 8,000 BC. 

⭐️  If advertised, HCM tested, ask to see the test results as proof.

⭐️  If advertised; 'parents are health tested for other conditions, again, ask for proof.

⭐️  When purchasing a Pedigree kitten, you should receive, a three, four or five generation pedigree certificate. It should be signed by the breeder & show all the breed numbers & registration numbers of each cat & include the breeder's name & address.

⭐️  When purchasing a genuine Pedigree kitten, the breeder must give you the kittens' Registration Certificate at the point of sale,  with all the kitten's registered details (from a recognised cat fancy body, like the GCCF, FiFE, TiCA etc).  

⭐️  A Sales Contract - Are rules applied by a breeder to protect the cat, the breeder's reputation & their breeding bloodlines. 

⭐️  Ensure you're given a receipt. AND pay via a recognised source. NOT a cashapp, or anything similar.

⭐️  BOTH kitten's parents must, be registered 'active' on the active register, to legitimately be able to register a kitten! 

⭐️  When did the mother last have a litter? Some breeders over breed their queens, not allowing them time to recover to their optimum physical state. 'Greeders' don't prioritise the mums welfare. An undernourished Mum = undernourished & sick kittens.

⭐️  What is the animal husbandry like of the breeder? Clean home? Litter trays empty? Do the adult cats look clean & content? 

⭐️  When you are deciding on a kitten Give kitty a discreet look over, check the ears, eyes, nose & bottom. Never buy a kitten with discharge coming from any of these areas. A kitten should be clean, playing happily, bright eyed , not listless or grubby.

⭐️  If advertised as a rare colour & asking a premium price, ask to see the colour DNA genetics certificate. 

⭐️  Avoid a breeder who advertises 'pedigree' Ragdoll kittens but says the kitten will be unregistered. Sadly people lacking integrity use GCCF in their adverts as a lure & are not members. Or, sell unregistered because the parents are not really registered, or they have already bred from the Mum recently and shouldn't have bred again too soon, & don't want anyone official to find out!